Giuseppe Acocella


Giuseppe Acocella


Giuseppe Acocella is Professor of social Ethics, he was President of Couses of master's degree in science of the social services department and of Courses of master's degree specialized in Project and management of the politics and social services at the University of Naples "Frédéric" II, until his election, in 2005, to the Vice-presidency of the CNEL, the National Council for Economy and Work for 8th Consiliatura, (2005-2010). He is also Chief Education Officer (or Chancellor) of the University of San Pio V, Rome.

Among his main academic works must be quoted:

Scienza politica e arte del governo (1988), L’etica sociale di Giuseppe Capograssi (1992), Le tavole della legge (2000; 2ª ed. 2005), Etica Sociale (2003), Per una filosofia politica dell’Italia civile (2004).



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