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Mariko Nakano-Okuno, Ph.D. is a Clinical Assistant Professor on Biomedical Ethics (since September 1, 2009), Department of Internal Medicine(The Division of General Internal Medicine, Section of Medical Education) at the Ohio State University. She received her Ph.D. in philosophy, specializing in ethics, from Kyoto University in Japan, and served as an associate professor both at the Graduate School of Humanities and at the School of Medicine at Kyushu University in Japan from 2000 to 2005 before her family moved to the United States.

Dr. Nakano-Okuno's specialty is ethics and applied ethics. Before she came to Ohio State University, Dr. Nakano-Okuno served as a lecturer at the University of California, Los Angeles, and taught courses on biomedical ethics, in which she discussed moral/political philosophy of Hobbes, Kant, utilitarianism and Rawls and their applications to current ethical issues in the biomedical sciences.

Her works as an author include :

- Sidgwick and Contemporary Utilitarianism (In Japanese, Keiso Shobo, 1999; In English, forthcoming)

- [A book chapter] “Ethical Issues in Research on Human Embryos,” in: Katagi, N. and Iseda, T. (eds.), Bioethics and Utilitarianism (Nakanishiya Publishing Co., 2006).

- “An Essay concerning Freedom of the Will, Morality, and Responsibility: the Contrast between Kant and Sidgwick”, Annals in Philosophy, vol.61 (Mar.2002), Dept. of Philosophy, Faculty of Humanities, Kyushu University:pp.75-93.

- “Rethinking Sidgwick’s Hedonism”, Arche, No.6(Jul.1998), Kansai Society of Philosophy:pp.38-48.

- “Parfit's Defense of Utilitarianism: A new Look based on the Theory of Persons and Personal Identity,” Studies on Philosophy, Vol.564 (Oct.1997), Kyoto Society of Philosophy: pp.81-114, and Vol.565 (Apr. 1998): pp.84-100.

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