Thomas Hurka


Thomas Hurka


Professor of Philosophy at the University of Toronto - more specifically, Chancellor Henry N. R. Jackman Distinguished Professor of Philosophical Studies - since 2002. Before that he taught at the University of Calgary, starting in 1978. He got a B.Phil. and D.Phil. in Philosophy at Oxford University, after a B.A. at the University of Toronto.

His main area of research and teaching is moral and political philosophy, especially normative ethical theory.

He is currently preparing to write a trade book on The Good Things in Life, and a scholarly book on British Moral Philosophy From Sidgwick to Ross.

Business Address:
Department of Philosophy
University of Toronto
170 St. George Street, Toronto
Canada M5R 2M8.

Business Phone: (416) 978-2056; Fax: (416) 978-8703.


Thomas Hurka on Toronto University's website

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